Basic Orthopaedic Skills and suturing

Join us in the first ever Orthopaedics workshop held in India for undergraduate students and educate yourselves in the myriad techniques of this branch. With an insight of remarkable X-rays, we offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to master your undergraduate orthopedic aptitude. In addition, develop a steady hand at the precise art of live tissue Suturing. This workshop offers - Application of strapping & bandaging techniques, Orthopaedic Radiology and Suturing.

ECG, Suturing, PPH and eclampsia drill.

Master the clinical aspects of ECG along with an informative session on post partum haemorrhage and eclampsia. Grab the chance to learn the art of suturing and develop the skills of a surgeon.

Opthalmology and paediatric emergency

This interesting workshop offers you the chance to learn the nuances of Ophthalmology with interesting hands-on skill stations which include Visual acuity, Slit lamp and NCT. Also, gain expertise in the niche skill of Paediatric Emergency which would offer training through various workstations such as NRP (neonatal resuscitation program), Seizures and Thermoregulation.

Initial assessment of trauma and disaster triage.

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

‘Resuscitate, Intubate , Medicate'

Brush up your knowledge on emergency life support with this signature workshop. We offer you a theoretical lecture, followed by a hands-on application via our 4 skill stations - CPR, Endotracheal Intubation, FAST and Shock Management.